Ranthambore Fort

Ranthambore Fort has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Before India got Independent, the Ranthambore National Park used to serve as the hunting ground for the Kings of Jaipur, because of rich bio-diversity of animals and birds, who lived here. Even today, the 4km2 area of Ranthambore Fort is virtually divided into two sections. Whereas, the Western part of the fort contains many temples and Holy Stambhas, the Eastern part is still considered as a wild area where, a number of species of birds, leopards and Fishing cats etc. are frequently seen. The Ranthambore Fort used to be a place, highly coveted by the rulers of North India, due to its presence in between the trade route of North and Central India.

The Best Time to Visit Ranthambore will be from 1st October to 30th June.

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