Jungle Safari In Ranthambore

Ranthambore Tiger Machan is probably the best spot to investigate various types of untamed life during Tiger safari. Advance Jungle Safari In Ranthambore ticket booking is opened 365 days before the date of park visit.Visitors can book tickets a year back. Wilderness Safari is significant fascination and one of the most prominent alternatives to spot creature development and respect delightful scene in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.

Wilderness safari in Ranthambore offers the guest an opportunity to investigate assortment of creatures living in the park.There are two safaris per day from October to June, one beginning in the first part of the day and the other late toward the evening. The visit goes on for 3 ½ hour by jeep (open top rooftop rover) or trot (open top rooftop bus).You will visit the recreation center in a 20 seater open lope (Top rooftop transport) or 06 seater open top rooftop jeep, the two of which we have re-fitted and renewed for solace and great review. Our trackers are from families who have known the wilderness and its creatures for ages.

Mode of Transport

  • a) Gypsy [Open 4 Wheel Drive Jeep] 6 Seater.
  • b) Diesel Canter [Open Safari Bus] 20 Seater.
  • c) Petrol Canter [Open Safari Bus] 12-15 Seater.

Safari Zones

There are 10 different safari zones for tourists inside the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. You can book your safari and choose your preferred safari zone 90 days before date of visit. After 90 days required zones are subject to availability. Both Canters and Jeeps travel on same zones.Both offer the same opportunity for wildlife viewing. All zone take you to the heart of the park and such there is no bad zone. Different zones are better on different days and this can be ascertained only a day or two before. At the time of entry, each vehicle is allotted a zone and it not allowed to stray from their allotted zone. Within the zone the vehicles can go anywhere on the network of zones that exists in the zone, and you will have the opportunity of sightings of Sambhar Deer, Indian Gazelle, Blue Bull (Nilgai), Spotted Deer, Langhur Monkey, Sloth Bear and many birds. The area also boosts several Leopards. Follow the footprints and you may well be rewarded with a sighting of this beautiful animal and if you are very lucky the King of the Jungle - the Tiger may well wander by!

  • Zone 1: Singhdwar Raipur, Amreshwar Dang, Tuti ka Nalla, Sultanpur, Gada Dub, Peela Pani, exit from Singhdwar.
  • Zone 2: Jogi Mahal, Jhalra, Kamaldhar, Amrai Phoota Bandha, Pandudeh, Guda, Gandharia, Polkya, exit from Jogi Mahal.
  • Zone 3: Jogi Mahal, Padam Talab, Raj Bagh, Mandook, High Point, exit from Jogi Mahal.
  • Zone 4: Singhdwar, Tamakhan, Malik Talab, Lakarda, Berda, Semli, Adidaant, Lambi, exit from Singhdwar.
  • Zone 5: Singhdwar, Jokha, Kachida, Dhakda, Baghda, Bakola, Anatpura, exit from Singhdwar.
  • Zone 6: (Kundal): Rajbagh Naka, Palli Darwaza, Kundal Area, Patwa Baori, Sonkach, Kala Pani, exit from Rajbagh Naka.
  • Zone 7: (Chidikho): Rajbagh Naka, Chidikho, Jamoda, Kushalipura, exit from Rajbagh Naka.
  • Zone 8: (Balas): Balas, Neemli Dang, Kali Bhat, Kherai, Mahakho, exit from Balas.
  • Zone 9: ( Kuwalji) Approx 45 kms.
  • Zone 10: Kushalipura , Bodal , Halonda ,Banskhori , Aantri , exit from Devpura.

How to Book Safari

Safari booking at Ranthambhore National Park is controlled by the Dept. of Forest (Govt. of India). As per the current policy 20 jeeps(06 seater) and 20 canters(20 seater) allowed to enter the park per drive (morning and afternoon) park entrance fees & vehicles are paid in advance on a first come first served basis against a non-refundable, 100% deposit basis only. Vehicle allocation takes place on the day of safari.

The Best Time to Visit Ranthambore will be from 1st October to 30th June.

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